About Mo

Morgan and his identical twin James were born in 2004, 10 weeks early. The pregnancy had been complicated by twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Because of this condition, Mo was profoundly disabled, quadriplegic with severe spastic cerebral palsy, epilepsy, profound learning difficulties and neuropathic bowel leading to GI dystonia.

James left, Morgan right

These conditions did not define Morgan. Everyone who knew and cared for him can testify that he was a happy, brave, loving boy. Though he was unable to communicate verbally, it was always clear that he loved company and was particularly fond of cuddles.

Mo and his family were supported by many professionals over the years, all of them God-sent. It is impossible to overstate the contribution they made to Mo’s life, helping him to be comfortable, safe and in good cheer. From teaching staff to therapists, to consultants, doctors and nurses, these wonderful people worked tirelessly to maximise the quality of Morgan’s life. Special mention must be made of the team of carers, some of whom knew Morgan from a baby, who practically cared for Mo and supported the whole family through Morgan’s 19-year journey.

The bond between Morgan and his identical twin was a mysterious thing. Despite James’ own learning disability, sometimes he showed himself to be deeply aware of Morgan – even if they were in different rooms, or different towns!